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Apple iBook G3 12 M8597LL/C Batteries
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  OEM OEM P/N Priam P/N Compatible with Chem Volt Capacity Price
Apple M8403, M8433G/A, M8956G/A, A1008, A1061, 8403, M8433, M8433G, M8433G/B, M8433GA, M8433GB, M8956, M8956G, M8956GA, M9337, M9337G, M9337G/A, M9337GA, 661-1764, 661-2672, 661-2994 AP13M7 iBook Notebook M8861LL/A iBook 12-inch Dual USB, iBook 12.1" Screen Dual USB, iBook 32 VRAM, iBook Crystal White Series, iBook Late 2001 Model, iBook Opaque White 16 VRAM, iBook Snow White Series iBook M9426ZH/A iBook M7699J/A iBook G4 12 Series" Li-Ion 11.1 4400 mAH N/A