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Acer Laptop Batteries
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  OEM OEM P/N Priam P/N Compatible with Chem Volt Capacity Price
Acer ACER: 4UR18650F-1-QC192, BT.T5003.001, BT.T5003.002, BT.T5005.001, BT.T5005.002, BT.T5007.001, BT.T5007.002, LC.BTP03.003, MYBAT9007 AR11M6 Aspire 1410, Aspire 5510 Series TravelMate 4001, Aspire 1411, Aspire 5512WLMi TravelMate 4001LC, Aspire 1411WLMi, Aspire 5513EWLM TravelMate 4001LCi, Aspire 1412, Aspire 5513EWLMi, TravelMate 4001LM, Aspire 1412LC, Aspire 5513WLMi TravelMate 400 Li-Ion 14.8 4400 mAH N/A
Acer BT.00803.007, BT.00805.002, BTP-63D1, BTP-AID1, BT.T2803.001 BTP-96H1, 60.49Y02.001, 91.49Y28.001, 91.49Y28.001, LC.BTP01.005, MS2140,LC.BTP01.009 AR12L6 Aspire 3020, TravelMate 2412LCi, TravelMate C300XM, Aspire 3020LMi, TravelMate 2412LM, TravelMate C300XMi, Aspire 3020WLMi, TravelMate 2412LMi, TravelMate C300XMib, Aspire 3021WLMi, TravelMate 2412NLC, TravelMate C301 Series, Aspire 3022LMi Trav Li-Ion 14.8 4400 mAH N/A
Acer, Maxdata, Quanta ACER: 916-2320, 916-2450, 916-2480, 916-2750, BT.FR103.001, BT.FR103.002, BT.FR107.001, BTP-650, BTP-800SY, BT.T2303.001, BT.T2306.001, BT.T2905.001, SQ-1100, SQ-2100, SQU-202 AR13M6 Aspire 1450, TravelMate 653XCi, TravelMate 8004LMib, Aspire 1451LCi, TravelMate 653XV, TravelMate 8005, Aspire 1451LMi, TravelMate 654LC, TravelMate 8005LCi, Aspire 1452LC, TravelMate 654LCi, TravelMate 8005LCib, Aspire 1452LCi, TravelMate 654XC Li-Ion 14.8 4400 mAH N/A
Acer, Fujitsu-Siemens, Compal BTP550, HBT.0186.001, HBT.0186.002, MCY23, MCY25, MCY27, BAT30N3L, BATBY27L, BT.A0101.001, BT.A0101.002, BTP-550P, BTP-1400 AR14M6 Aspire 1200, TravelMate 272LC, 272X, 272XVi, 273X, 273XV, 275LC, A550 ??, TraveIMate 270, TraveIMate 270XV, TraveIMate 272, TraveIMate 273, TraveIMate 275, TraveIMate 550 Series, Fujitsu Siemens AMILO D CY, Dx100, x500 Series, Fujitsu Amilo A660 Li-Ion 14.8 4400 mAH N/A
Acer BTP-AQJ1, BTP-APJ1, BTP-AMJ1, BTP-ANJ1, BTP-ARJ1, BTP-ASJ1, BT.00604.006, LC.BTP01.011, BTP-AS3620, BTP-B2J1, MS2180 AR15M6 Travelmate 2420, 3240, 3280, Aspire 3620, 3624, 5540, 5560, ACER 3628, 3200, TravelMate 3300, Aspire 5600, TravelMate 4520 Li-Ion 10.8 4400 mAH N/A
Acer, Aopen, Dell, Fujitsu-Siemens, Hitachi, Medion BTP-44A3 FH2, FH2U FHS2111, FH2 MS211, MS2111, S2111, MS2113 MS2126, PP06L 6T226 PC-AB6410 BTP-57A1, 1CPC159883-01 60.46Y16.011, 7T059 909-2220 BTP44A3 CP159883-01, FHS2111 FPCBP70, MS2117 MS2126, PC-AB6410 PP06L AR16L6 Aspire 1200(MS2111) 1202(MS2111) 1203(MS2111), Aspire 1600, Aspire 1601, Aspire 1602, Aspire 1603, Aspire 1604, Aspire 1605, Aspire 1606, DELL, SMARTSTEP 200N SMARTSTEP 250N , PP06 Inspiron Smartstep 200n Inspiron Smartstep 250n Li-Ion 14.8 6600 mAH N/A
Acer, Compal, Toshiba BATCL50L, BTT3504.001, BTT3506.001, LENOVO 92P1181, 92P1182, BATCL50L4, BT.00803.005, BT.3506.001, LC.BTP04.001 PABAS042 AR17M6 Aspire 9010 Series, TravelMate 290ELC, TravelMate 4052LCi, Aspire 9100 Series, TravelMate 290ELCi, TravelMate 4052LM, Aspire 9100WLMi, TravelMate 290ELM, TravelMate 4052LMi, Aspire 9101WLMi, TravelMate 290ELMi, TravelMate 4052NLCi, Aspire 9102WL Li-Ion 14.8 4400 mAH N/A
Acer 3UR18650F-3-QC151, 916-3060, 916C3060, BT.00907.001, BT.T4803.001, LC.BTP03.005, LC.BTP03.006, SQU-405, SQU-406, 3UR18650F-2-QC134, BT.00603.025, BT.00903.001, BT.00903.001, BT.T4807.001 AR18M6 TravelMate 3200, 3201, 3202, 3203, 3204, 3205, C200, C202, C203, C204, C210, C213, C214, C215 series Li-Ion 11.1 4400 mAH N/A
Acer BTP-39D1 BTP-620 91.42S28.001, acp39d1, btp-39sn, cmp-l39, ms2103, ms2110, 91.41q28.004 AR20M6 acer, TravelMate 620, TravelMate 621, TravelMate 621lv, TravelMate 621xc, TravelMate 621xv, TravelMate 623, TravelMate 623lc, TravelMate 623lci, TravelMate 624, TravelMate 630, TravelMate 630xv, TravelMate 630xci, TravelMate 632, TravelMate 632x Li-Ion 14.8 4400 mAH N/A
Acer ACER BTP-34A1, BTP-43D1 AR21M6 Travelmate 520, Travelmate 520it, Travelmate 521, Travelmate 521ie, Travelmate 524txv, TravelMate 525, Travelmate 525tx, Travelmate 526, Travelmate 527, Travelmate 528te, Travelmate 529, TravelMate 220 Series, TravelMate 230XC, TravelMate 261 Se Li-Ion 14.8 4400 mAH N/A
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